Big agency experience.

Boutique agency relationships.

It’s not just big brands with large budgets that have powerful stories to share. Many smaller businesses find it challenging to access high-end marketing and public relations experience in a way that fits the scale of their business.

At Caper, we believe every brand has a story. And every story is worth sharing.

That's Why Caper Exists.

We execute successful strategies through flexible scopes of work, all without sacrificing the expertise, intelligence, and experience you’d typically only find in a “big name” agency.

Caper Is A mindset.

We strive to continuously produce creative solutions through experiences and collaboration, ultimately bringing each client the attention and results they deserve.

Helping others shine puts a spring in our step.

And making it look easy is just part of the fun.

Your marketing needs are unique to your business’ goals. Your story is unique to your vision. So, your scope of work should be unique, too.

At Caper, it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Simply, it’s meaningful relationships built on trust and a shared enthusiasm for the great work you’re doing every day.

From public relations to advertising, event management to fundraising, our small team boasts big agency experience working with corporate, consumer, lifestyle, and nonprofit clients that you would recognize.

Our skillset is vast, and so is our network. Through smart, efficient strategies and personalized, authentic partnerships, we bring the passion and professionalism needed to achieve your goals every day.

We Focus On Providing:

  • High-end agency results
  • Through services tailored to your needs
  • In line with your desired investment
  • And on target with your audiences

There are as many ways to tell your story.

as there are customers who need to hear it.

Through relationship-driven processes, we help you tailor your scope to specifically suit your brand’s goals, resulting in the marketing strategy that’s right for you.
As a full-service agency, our capabilities include:
  • Strategic Marketing and Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Project Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Community Relations
  • Business Development
  • Advertising
  • Event Production & Fundraising
  • Branding and Graphic Design

Decades of experience. Extensive capabilities.

Authentic approach.

We have spent the past two decades working with some of the largest advertising and PR agencies in the market, translating business objectives into success stories for local, regional and national brands.

We launched Caper in pursuit of what sets us on fire – balancing a life and career we love. Together, we share an unwavering passion for prioritizing family, being good stewards of our community, and working incredibly hard for our clients.

Meet The Caper Team
Relationship driven. Chaos coordinator. Big thinker.

Ashley Santoro

Small-town roots. Sophisticated eye. Lover of details.

Elise Nichols

Upstate native. Community builder. Charming wit.

Katie Smith

Relationship driven. Chaos coordinator. Big thinker.

Ashley Santoro

The first thing you notice about Ashley might be her bubbly personality, much like her drink of choice – Prosecco. And you’ll quickly learn she finds joy in creating connections and concepting strategies that directly achieve results.

A Bluegrass native, Ashley has 10+ years’ experience in a combination of advertising, branding, concepting, social media strategy, client communications, public relations, and other marketing services. She’s a Western Kentucky University graduate with a B.A. in public relations and minor in marketing.

Outside of Caper, you’ll find Ashley and her husband Mark chasing around their two amazing sons, Leo and Luca. As a family, they stay busy with church, baseball, and soccer, while still finding time to travel and enjoy creating memories together.

Small-town roots. Sophisticated eye. Lover of details.

Elise Nichols

Elise is known for her ability to create beauty. Whether designing events, writing copy, or building relationships, she has a well-honed sense of what excellence looks like and doesn’t shy away from achieving it.

With 15 years’ experience managing local and regional corporate and nonprofit clients through one of the Upstate’s top PR agencies, Elise specializes in event logistics, communications strategy, media and community relations, and project management. She’s a Clemson University graduate with a B.A. in communications studies and a minor in journalism.

When she’s not immersed in the details of Caper, Elise is almost guaranteed to be surrounded by family and friends. Born and raised in Fountain Inn, she and her high-school sweetheart Brett moved back “home” to raise their energetic duo, Emma Davis and William. They spend the Fall cheering for the Fountain Inn High School football team, with Coach Nichols on the sidelines, and make plenty of time for community, church and outdoor adventures together.

Upstate native. Community builder. Charming wit.

Katie Smith

Deeply rooted in the Upstate, Katie will quickly tell you about her love for the South Carolina coast. And food. Good, southern food. You’ll also notice her passion for community, and helping clients engage creative concepts to grow their involvement.

With more than 10 year’s experience, Katie has proven her expertise in marketing services, event management, media and community relations. She specializes in branding and creative strategy, event fundraising and production, and client management. She is a University of South Carolina graduate with a B.A. in marketing and management and a minor in public relations and advertising.

In addition to her Caper shenanigans, Katie and her husband Blaine cherish their time spent with daughters Elsie Mae and Shelby. They’re active in their community, always know the best new restaurants and breweries, and stay deeply rooted in their faith.